Coaching experience

  • August 2018-May 2019 Player development coach at Kouvot junior teams (MU19, MU14, and WU14)
  • August 2017-May 2018 Kouvola Sports Academy basketball female practice group
  • August 2016-March 2018 Kouvottaret women’s league assistant coach
  • 2014- Private skills and shooting coach
  • May 2016-April 2017 Xamk Basketball Academy men’n and women’s head coach (jointly with Kouvot)
  • May 2015-June 2016 Denmark men’s national team assistant coach
  • Sept 2015-Oct 2015 Tindastoll Iceland men’s league assistant coach; women U20/U18 head coach
  • 2008-13 Kouvot Development Group head coach
  • 2011-12 Kouvot U16 head coach
  • 2006-07 Kouvot U19 head coach
  • 2003-04 Kouvot U19 head coach
  • 2002-03 LrNMKY men’s league head coach
  • 2001-02 Kouvot men’s league head coach
  • 2000-01 Kouvot men’s league head coach
  • 2000-01 Kouvot U16 head coach
  • 1997-98 Kouvot U22 head coach
  • 1996-97 Kouvot U16 head coach
  • 1995-96 KTP U18 head coach
  • 1993-94 Karhulan Veikot men’s I division head coach
  • 1992-93 Karhulan Veikot men’s II division head coach
  • 1991-92 Karhulan Veikot men’s II division head coach
  • 1990-91 Espoon Akilles U15 head coach
  • 1989-90 Hyvinkaan Ponteva men’s III division head coach
  • 1986-87 Karhulan Veikot men’s III division head coach
  • 1985-86 Karhulan Veikot U15 head coach
  • 1984-85 Karhulan Veikot U15 head coach

Coach Educator Experience

  • September 2017–May 2019 Kouvola Sports Academy
  • September 2013–March 2015 Loimaan Korikonkarit
  • October 2010–April 2011 Kouvot


  • Master of Science (M.Sc.), Basketball Coaching at University of Worchester ( 2014)
  • Specialist Qualification in Coaching, Basketball coaching (FIBA level 4) at Suomen Urheiluopisto (2003)
  • Bachelor’s degree in  Comparative literature and Education at Helsinki University (2003)

As a coach at pro-tryout camps

  • Slammers Pro Tryout Camp in Bonn, Germany 2015
  • Slammers Pro Tryout Camp in Bonn, Germany 2012
  • Slammers Pro Tryout Camp in Bonn, Germany 2002

Volunteer positions

  • January 2019- Member at Junior Coaching Network of Finnish Basketball Association
  • 2016-17 Member of the Stratefy working group / Strategy for high performance sports in Kymenlaakso county

As a coach at college exposure camps

  • NABA College Exposure Camp in Kouvola, Finland 2014

As a coach at summer camps in the USA Summer of 1994

  • Tri-State Camp (at Beloit College in Beloit, Wisconsin)
  • Cage Scope/High Potential “Blue-Chip” Basketball Camp (at Georgetown College in Georgetown, Kentucky)
  • Future Stars (at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa)

International coaching clinics attended

  • Basketball Clinic Belgrade, Serbia, 2017
  • 1st Scientific Conference on motor skill acquisition, Kisakallio, Lohja, Finland, 2015
  • International Coaches Clinic in Kaunas, Lithuania, 2012
  • Eurobasket Basketball Clinic in Barcelona, Spain, 2009
  • European Championships Coaching Clinic, Stockholm, Sweden 2003
  • FABC International Clinic in Helsinki, Finland 2002
  • FABC International Clinic in Tampere, Finland 1996
  • Don Casey and Reggie Lewis Coaching Clinic in Espoo, Finland 1992
  • NBA World Clinic in Jonkoping, Sweden 1992
  • NBA World Clinicin  Platja D’Aro, Spain 1991
  • Coaching Clinic des Weltverbandes der Basketball-Trainer in Paderborn, Germany 1990
  • International Basketball Coaching Clinic in Helsinki, Finland 1989
  • Coaching Clinic Eurobasket in Zagreb, Yogoslavia 1989
  • Pre-olympic Tournament W.A.B.C. – Converse Coaches Clinic in Rotterdam 1988
  • Clinic Mundobasket Espana in Madrid 1986

Writings on basketball and other sports-related issues

Kouvot U8 Training Principles And Evidence (2013)

  • Research-based recommendations on how basketball training should be organized at the Under-8 age group.

The Junior Basics (2014–16)

  • A textbook for youth basketball players.
  • It can be personalized for clubs or teams.
  • Published editions: Loimaan Korikonkarit (2014) and Kouvot (2016).

Theoretical basketball articles

  • In the following magazines:
  • Winning Hoops (USA)
  • Finnish Association of Basketball Coaches Bulletin
  • Basketball Clinic (USA)
  • Assist (Denmark)


  • Home page:
  • Twitter: @harrimannonen
  • Skype: h.mannonen
  • E-mail:
  • LinkedIn

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