The Basics. 75 Things a Basketball Player Should Know.

If you want need a textbook for your basketball team or club or school, here you have it.

The essentials are all there: How to interact with teammates. How to live an athlete’s life. How to practice effectively. And so on.

The players, parents, and coaches can use the textbook as a learning tool and a reference. You can read as an e-book or print it out just as well.

The book will be tailored to fit your team. However, you don’t need to actually write it or design it.

The book is affordable. In fact, it can end up making money for your organisation.

The Basics. 75 Things a Basketball Player Should Know is available for any organisation, anyplace in the world, in English or in Finnish.

Two editions of The Basics have been published as paper books by Finnish basketball clubs. The title in Finnish is Perusasiat.

  • Kouvot (2016)
  • Loimaan Korikonkarit (2014)

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Full Finnish-speaking Kouvot 2016 edition available on my Patreon page.