How to Enhance the Efficiency of a Team’s 3-point Shooting

Previously, I discussed why it is not analytical to take no mid-range 2-point shots but to only take 3-pointers or go the rim.

Yet on the average, a 3PA produces more points than a mid-range 2PA.

Thus the question becomes how a team can optimise the efficiency their 3P shooting without falling victim to the fallacy mentioned in my No-Mid-Range-2PA” entry.

These things come to mind.

  1. Invest a lot of practice time in 3P shooting.
  2. Help the players technically develop their 3PA shooting, especially the stance and rhythm.
  3. Have the players practice shooting from way beyond the 3P line.
  4. Emphasise the 3P shooting ability when recruiting and selecting players.
  5. Design your offensive spacing and plays so that they maximise the number of players available behind the line.
  6. Invest a lot of practice time in passing. Only so the team can utilise the players’ 3P shooting ability and the team’s offensive scheme.
  7. Have the players take open mid-range 2-pointers. This will enhance the efficiency of 3P shooting because it makes it riskier for the opponents to chase you off the 3P line. Enhancing the efficiency of 3P shooting is not the same as enhancing the number of 3PA’s.
  8. Have the players keep shooting 3-pointers at the usual rate no matter how many they make or miss in a row. Don’t let the hot/cold hand fallacy affect your shooting.

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