7.2 Full Court 1v1 Plus Two Extras

  • There’s an offensive player, a defender, an offensive extra and a defensive extra.
  • The offensive extra inbounds the ball baseline out-of-bounds.
  • The offensive player attacks full speed end to end.
  • The offensive extra moves randomly around the floor. Anytime she raises her hands, the offensive player must pass to her.
  • The defensive extra provides help and protects the basket and may double the ball anytime she chooses to.
  • The play ends is the defender gets a steal.
  • To end the play, the offensive player tries to score.
  • Variations to the drill:
  1. Use a shot clock of for example 12 seconds.
  2. End with a 2v1 or 2v2 pick-and-roll play.
  3. The pick-and-roll action may only start after the ball handler has brought the ball to a certain spot on the floor and made a pre-determined play call.
  4. Follow with another possession where the defender gets the ball and attacks the other way under the same constraints.

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