Complex Basketball Coaching e-book: Table of Contents

FOREWORD by Brian McCormick


CHAPTER 1: Complex Systems

1.1 Basketball Team as a Complex System 

1.2 Team in a Hierarchy of Complex Systems 

1.3 Definitions of Key Terms 

CHAPTER 2: Coaching Paradigms

2.1 Defining a Coaching Paradigm 

2.2 Paradigm Shift 

2.3 Requisites of a Coaching Paradigm 

CHAPTER 3: Two Prevailing Coaching Paradigms 

3.1 Positivistic Coaching Paradigm 

3.2 Holistic Coaching Paradigm 

3.3 Anomalies of the Prevailing Paradigms 

3.4 Further Anomalies of the Positivistic Paradigm 

3.5 Further Weaknesses of the Holistic Paradigm 

3.6 Revised Positivistic Coaching Paradigm 

CHAPTER 4: Tactical Periodisation Paradigm 

4.1 Tactical Periodisation in General 

4.2 Tactical, Technical and Physical Dimensions 

4.3 Status of the Mental Dimension 

4.4 The Mediation Model According to Complex Basketball Coaching 

4.5 Pre-emptying the Providing Dimensions 

4.6 The Providing Dimensions May Misfeed 

4.7 The Mediation Model as a Key Theory 

CHAPTER 5: Complex Causation in Basketball 

5.1 Parallel Dimensions and Scales 

5.2 Top–down Causation in Practicing 

5.3 Emergence in Practicing

5.4 Creativity in Basketball

5.5 Defining Complex Basketball Coaching 

CHAPTER 6: Coaching Guidelines 

6.1 Improve the Interaction of the Team 

6.2 Utilise Top-Down Causation Optimally 

6.3 Improve the Technical Dimension Through the Tactical Dimension 

6.4 Improve the Physical Dimension Through the Technical Dimension 

6.5 Always Consider the Mental Dimension 

6.6 Consider Short-term and Long-term Effects 

6.7 Prepare for Inevitable Emergence 

6.8 Keep the Adaptations Relevant 

6.9 Use Context-appropriate Equipment 

6.10 Nourish Diversity in the Team 57

6.11 Consider the Benefits and Limits of Individual Variation 

6.12 Recruit Basketball Coaches 

6.13 Vary Your Learning 

6.14 Raise the Intensity 

6.15 Make the Players Struggle to Learn 

6.16 Consider Complex System Scales Above the Team

6.17 Always Assess Coaching in Its Context

CHAPTER 7: Practice Tasks or Drills 

7.1 Scrimmage 

7.2 Full Court 1v1 Plus Extras 

7.3 Full Speed Attack 1v1 / 2v2 

7.4 Six Trips 

7.5 Two-Line Lay-ups With Two Extras 

7.6 Mimic the Lay-up 

7.7 Five Close-outs 1v1 / 2v2 

7.8 One Plus One Is Four 

7.9 Zero One Two Three Four Plus 

7.10 Five Arches, Six Baskets 

7.11 Seven Baskets 

7.12 Coast to Coast on Demand 

7.13 Trampoline Alley-oops 





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