Complex Basketball Coaching e-book available

What kind of coaching optimises the effectiveness of basketball practice?

That’s the question discussed in my book Complex Basketball Coaching. How to make basketball practices more effective.

It’s available as an e-book (PDF file).

A basketball team is a complex system. Complexity science has been used to analyse its functioning. For some reason, this line of research has caused relatively few changes in the coaching praxis. As a profession, we tend to coach as we “always” used to coach.

We make an effort to change that. First we draft the complex basketball coaching paradigm. Then we apply it to practical coaching. We list practical coaching guidelines and drills where the complex coaching paradigm is utilised.

So, in 92 pages we go from the underlying assumptions of coaching to the very nuts and bolts.

Here’s the table of contents.

Balancing the variability and relevancy of practice tasks is discussed in Chapter 6.8.

An example drill where the variability and the relevancy are hopefully balanced, is 7.2 Full Court 1v1 Plus Two Extras.

To order, E-mail me at You can pay via PayPal or through an invoice.

The price for personal-use-only e-book in some currencies (incl. VAT 10%).

  • Euro 9.99 €.
  • USD $10.99.
  • Canadian Dollars 14.44 CAD.
  • Australian Dollars 16.29 AUD.
  • Pound Sterling 8.45£.

Organisations, please contact me ( if you want to discuss the terms of:

  • Purchasing the e-book for all your coaches and other staff.
  • Utilising the e-book or parts of it as education material.
  • Translating the e-book.
  • Having me do coach education based on complex basketball coaching.

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